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2007 Virginia Educational Technology Leadership Conference




Dave & I enjoyed meeting a number of the folks who attended our presentation this afternoon!  We hope that our excitement about tablet PCs and their usefulness in public education was apparent to you.  Likewise, SharePoint Services provides a remarkably intuitive and reliable structure for browser-based presentation and collaboration.  Please contact either of us via email if you have questions about these two technologies that continue to make a difference in what we do for the children of Bath County.
Bath County Public Schools is in year two of an exciting technology integration initiative using tablet computers and wireless LCD projectors to facilitate instruction, including wide use of Windows SharePoint Services’ Web 2.0 capabilities to easily share information between students and staff. An overview of the program and its initial success will be presented, followed by real-time demonstrations. Finally, this is seamless technology integration.
Even in little Bath County, Virginia, it is no longer possible for a few folks to create and manage the web presence for the school division.  Likewise, new communication and collaboration needs of organizations add complexity to document sharing and workflow management.  We must create and manage tools that end-users can manipulate to get their message out and to also effectively exchange information with others.
Bath County Public Schools provide quality educational services to 725 students in two K-7 elementary schools and one high school in the west central highlands of Virginia.  Sure,we're small, but we put to good use our 450+ computer network of classroom workstations, 12 mobile & fixed computer labs, tablet PCs with wireless LCD projectors, distance learning classrooms, low pupil/teacher ratio, experienced staff and good facilities.

 Tablet Resources

07-08 Tablet PC Initiative - Inservice Home Page
Art Ink for K-12
BCPS - Tablet PC Technology Integration Initiative - Program Description
Class Management, Collaboration and Shared Learning software
Cornell 3D Journal
Forms Software
IE Ink
Math Inking Software
Math Practice Skill Pack
Microsoft Education Pack - Tablet PC
Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC
Network Whiteboard
PDF Annotator
Tablet PC Downloads

 SharePoint Resources

Deployment for Windows SharePoint Services (v3) technology
Windows SharePoint Services Overview
Top 10 Benefits of Windows SharePoint Services
What's new in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Getting started with Windows SharePoint Services
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Help and How-to
WSSv3 vs MOSS07
Customizing a SharePoint site in your Web browser, Part 1
Customizing a SharePoint site in your Web browser, Part 2
Six easy ways to customize your site using Web Parts
Displaying SharePoint lists in Web Parts
Windows SharePoint Services: Site Customization Tutorial
Working with SharePoint document libraries
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Technical Library
Using Blogs and Wikis in Business
Introduction to blogs
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Logo

 Presentation Handout


 A Sampling of BCPS SharePoint Sites

Bath County Public Schools Home Page
FrontPage with SharePoint Links
BCHS - Band
Classroom Web Site
BCHS - Calculus Class Home Page
Authenticated Web Site w/ Document Library, General Info
BCHS - Calculus Home Page
Authenticated Student Website - Blog
BCHS - Calculus Teams
Authenticated Site
BCHS - Discrete Math Wiki
Authenticated Student Wiki
BCHS - Guidance Services
Department Web Site
BCHS - ITRT Home Page
Instructional Links
BCHS - Ms Everett's Class Web Site
High School Classroom Web Site
BCPS - Administrative Staff Meeting
Authenticated Workspace
BCPS - Division Calendar
Event List by division, building, sport
BCPS - In the News
Announcement List w/ Content Approval
BCPS - Maintenance Requests
Authenticated Event List w/ Content Approval
BCPS - Menus
Document Library
BCPS - New Teacher Discussion Group
Authenticated Discussion Board
BCPS - Personnel Office
Web Site
BCPS - Photos and Art
Picture Libraries
BCPS - School Board Agendas & Minutes
Document Libraries
BCPS - School Board Policy Manual
New Location via SharePoint
BCPS - School Division Forms
Authenticated Document Library
BCPS - Staff Development Survey
Authenticated Survey
BCPS - Staff Resources
Authenticated Web Site
BCPS - Transportation Calendar
Authenticated Event List
MES - Mrs. George's Literature Corner
Middle School Classroom Site
VES - Daily Bulletin
Authenticated Document Library
VES - Home Page
School Web Page
VES - Mrs. McGuire's Class Site
Primary Classroom Web Site