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 Jefferson Memorial with Cherry Blossoms


 The U.S. Constitution


 Pres. James Madison

Social Studies Department

​Subject Area ​Teacher Syllabus SOLs
World Geography Shelton ​WG
World History to 1500 Lucente WHI
World History to present Lucente ​WH2
​Virginia and U.S. History ​Bradley ​VUS
United States History (AP)
​Bradley ​VUS-AP
Economics & Sociology ​Bradley ​--
Virginia and U.S. Government
​Shelton GOVT
 Justin Broughman, Department Chair

 Social Studies Department Staff

   Mr. Frye's Website!(540) 839-2431 Mr. Scott's Website!(540) 839-2431 Mr. Sifford's Website!(540) 839-2431