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MATH 8 - 0 Credit

Objectives for this course are a continuation of the elementary K-8 sequence and will include all Math 8 SOL’s.  Problem solving is a major focus of this course.  Topics will include, but are not limited to, proportions, percents, angles, volume and area, geometric transformations, probability and statistics, solving and graphing linear equations.  The student will also use tables, graphs and rules to describe relationships, measurement, fractions, decimals, positive and negative numbers.  The Math 8 SOL Test will be given upon completion of this course.

Prerequisite: None                                                                                                                                     Grades: 8, 9



This is the second of a two-course program designed to assist students in grades 10-12 in completion of  the Algebra I SOLs.  The TI-83 graphing calculator will be used to provide technological assistance in mastering objectives.  Students are required to take the Algebra I SOL test.  Completion of this course will provide the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for future courses.                                                   

Prerequisite: Algebra I, Part I                                                                                                            Grades: 10-12


ALGEBRA I - 1 Credit

Algebra I is the basic foundation for the advanced mathematics program.  Students are encouraged to use Algebra as a tool for representing and solving a variety of practical problems.  Tables and graphs are used to interpret algebraic expressions, solve equations and inequalities and analyze functions.  The TI-83 calculator is an integral part of the Algebra I curriculum, which is based upon the Virginia course objectives endorsed by the Virginia Department of Education.

Prerequisite: Math 8 or must pass an admissions test administered by a BCHS faculty member prior to the scheduling of classes.                                                                                                                        Grades: 8-10



This is the second half of a two-course program for achieving the Geometry objectives.  This course will cover those Geometry SOL’s not covered in Geometry, Part I, and prepare the students for the Geometry SOL Test.  The Geometry SOL Test must be taken.

Prerequisite: Geometry, Part I                                                                                                           Grades: 11-12


GEOMETRY - 1 Credit

Geometry offers students a means of describing, analyzing, and understanding aspects of their world.  Geometric modeling, visualizing, and spatial reasoning can be used to solve many kinds of problems.  Coordinate geometry and other representational systems allow locations to be specified and described.  Geometry also focuses on the development of reasoning and proof, using definitions and axioms.  The Geometry SOL must be taken.

Prerequisite: At least a (B) average in Algebra I                                                                             Grades: 9-12


ALGEBRA II - 1 Credit

Algebra II provides a systematic way to represent mathematical relationships and analyze change.  Students need to understand the concepts and symbols of algebra, the structures that govern the manipulation of the symbols, and ways that the symbols can be used to record ideas and events.  Students will explore patterns that are exponential and logarithmic and continue to develop the notion of families of functions.  This course is required for the advanced studies diploma.  The Algebra II SOL must be taken.

Prerequisite: At least a (C) in previous math classes and a passing score on the Algebra I EOC SOL test.                                                                                                                                                                                 Grades: 10-12



Discrete Mathematics involves applications using discrete variables rather than continuous variables.  Modeling and understanding finite systems is central to the development of the economy, the natural and physical sciences, and mathematics itself.  Discrete Mathematics introduces the topics of social choice as a mathematical application, matrices and their uses, graph theory and its applications, and counting and finite probability, as well as the processes of optimization, existence, and algorithm construction.  FOR STUDENTS WHO DO NOT WANT TO TAKE CALCULUS.

Prerequisite:  Algebra II                                                                                                                    Grades: 11, 12



Mathematical Analysis serves as a preparatory course for a study of calculus.  Mathematical analysis extends the study of families of functions and also includes sequences and series, trigonometry, polar equations, vectors, and parametric equations.  An intuitive introduction to the concept of the limit of an algebraic function may be enhanced with algebraic methods or numerical substitution. This course is specifically designed for students planning to pursue collegiate study of math, science or engineering.

Prerequisite: At least a (B) average in Algebra II.                                                                        Grades: 11, 12                                


This course is intended for students who have a thorough knowledge of college preparatory mathematics.  The topics covered within this course are determined by the guidelines established by the College Board for AP Calculus AB.  Students will do extensive work with graphing, limits, the derivative and integration.  Use of a graphing calculator is required for this class.  All students will be required to take the AP Calculus AB Exam and college credit may be earned through achievement on this test.  The AP Exam costs approximately $80 and this expense will be the responsibility of the student and/or parent.

Prerequisite: Math Analysis                                                                                                                       Grade: 12