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Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis Syllabus

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis provides an opportunity for mathematical ideas to be developed in the context of real-world problems.  Students will be asked to collect and analyze univariate and bivariate data using a variety of statistics and analytical tools.  They will learn to attach functional algebra to statistics, allowing for the possibility of standardizing and analyzing data through the use of mathematical models.  Students will use transformational graphing and the regression capabilities of graphing calculators to find regression equations, and they will use them to analyze the data and to predict the placement of data points between and beyond given data points.


TEXTBOOK: Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis, VA edition


CLASSROOM MATERIALS: Students are expected to have their textbooks, notebooks, paper, pencil, TI-83/84 graphing calculator, and other necessary materials in class.



August, 2011






Dear Parent/Guardian:


            My name is Lisa Hamilton and I will be teaching your child Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis.  I wanted to take a few minutes to inform you of what is expected of your child during the school year.


            A copy of my class syllabus is attached.  I have discussed this in detail with all of my classes.  If you have any questions concerning the syllabus do not hesitate to contact me.


            A graphing calculator will be issued to each student.  These calculators are very expensive they range from $85 to $100 a piece.  Students are assigned calculators and when the school year is over they must return THEIR NUMBERED calculator.  If not they will be placed on the encumbered list requiring them to pay for the calculator.  Since the students are being provided a calculator it is their responsibility to get their own batteries.  The lack of homework due to the absence of a calculator is not an excused assignment and will result in a zero.  


            Your child will also need a notebook that can be placed in a three-ring binder.  The notebook will be checked periodically as a homework assignment.  The lack of an organized math notebook will result in a zero and will continue to be a zero until such notebook is obtained. 


            I look forward to teaching your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school via telephone or email.






                                                                                    Lisa Hamilton













GRADING SYSTEM                                               Classwork/Homework..….25%

            A = 94 – 100                                                  

            B = 86 – 93                                                     Quizzes……………………30%

            C = 78 – 85                                        

            D = 70 – 77                                                     Tests……………………….30%

            F = 69 and below      

                                                                                    9 weeks tests……………....15%




CLASSROOM RULES:                                         


  1. Be respectful.                                                 
  2. Be prepared (text, notebook, pencil, calculator)
  3. Follow all directions.
  4. Work for success.






  1. Teacher conference with student and/or removal from class.
  2. Referral to administration
  3. Teacher conference with parent.





** This syllabus is subject to change and students will be notified of such changes. **




















            *homework/classwork = 25% of total grade

              I give completion grades and accuracy grades for these types of assessments.


            *quizzes = 30% of total grade

              Quizzes will be announced, however, pop quizzes will be given when necessary.

              There will also be notebook check quizzes.  Students will be asked for answers

              to selected questions from homework or classowrk assignments.  Students may

              use only their notebooks on these quizzers.  They should have all the correct

              answers written in their notebooks by either getting it right the first time OR by

              writing the correct answer when reviewing the assignments.  If the notebook is

              organized the students should score well, however, if the notebooks are in chaos

              then the students will fail the quiz.  This type of quiz is used to promote

              organization and responsibility.  I also use these quizzes as a review for tests.



            *tests = 30% of total grade

              Tests will include chapter tests and specific SOL objective tests.


            *9 weeks test = 15% of total grade

               This is an SOL styled test and will be given at the end of each nine weeks.   

               They will be cumulative tests.