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     Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grades


     Students are excited about the necklaces/medallions recently created.  Indians, ducks, bears, parrots were just a few choices that were created from molds and model magic.  Painting the jewelry was as much fun as making it.  Special colors of yarn completed the project and students proudly exited the art room adorned in their handmade craft.


Grade Four


     As the autumn leaves begin to change colors we focused on drawing and identifying various types of them.  Students brought leaves with them to class and drew them realistically.  Fall colors were added using crayon and colored pencil.  A handsome variety of leaves were created for display.


Grade Five


    We learned about artist Henri Matisse and studied still-lifes he created.  Using oil pastel, students composed an array of individual pieces of art.  Subject matter included vases of flowers, bowls of fruit, and many other object that "cannot move".  Blending colors with the oil pastel was messy but fun.  We are proud to have our oil pastel on display.


Grade 6/7 Exploratory


    If you are in search of a very decorative child's straight back chair, the Art exploratory class can help you out.  Students first primed their individually assigned chair then brainstormed artistic thems for each one.  We are nearing completion of the project and each chair is unique.  We learned to mix colors with acrylic paint and center desired designs.  Our themes run quite gambit, A.B.C., Sponge Bob, foral designs, camo, trucks and patriotic chairs will be available for auction this spring. 


Mr. Lindsey

Your Art Teacher


     This school year begins my 21st year of teaching Art Education for Bath County public schools. Prior to moving to Virginia, I resided and taught school in West Virginia. I have lived here in Warm Springs since 1985 and consider Bath County my home. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach at all three county schools; Bath County High School, Millboro Elementary, and Valley Elementary Schools.