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Mrs. Stout - Title I 

​Welcome back to another amazing year at MES!!




Hello everyone!!

I wanted to take the time to welcome you to the Title I program! I am very excited to be working with your child this year. Within the 30 minutes that I have your child, we will complete 4 to 5 activities that are centered on their academic goals. Many of these activities will include the use of technology. Speaking of technology, your child will be given a username and password for the Raz-Kids website. This website has tons of books and activities that are leveled to each individual child. My website has links to activities, academic websites, uploaded documents, announcements on upcoming school events, and so much more. Take the time to check it out! Many of the activities are fun for the kids and it won’t be a struggle to get them engaged!

This is also an opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I was raised in Covington and enjoyed many extracurricular activities like band, madrigals, cheerleading, softball, and art. I still enjoy many of those. Since I have a big passion for music, I try to incorporate that into my lessons as much as possible. This gives the students an opportunity for a change in lesson presentation. I enjoy the outdoors and spend a great deal of time exploring it with my husband and 2 Border Collies. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Radford University in elementary education and a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in reading. Currently, I am finishing up my second master's degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University

I strive to stay current on recent research in education as well as best practices! If you have any suggestions at any point during the school year, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I firmly believe that it takes a community to help these young spirits develop their minds and hearts.

Happy new school year!


LeAnn F. Stout

MES Title I Reading Teacher











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