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Now that you know how important it is to guard against computer viruses,
here are some DO's and DON'Ts...

  • DO scan email attachments before opening them--no matter who they come from!  Save the attachment to your desktop, right click on it, and choose "Scan for Viruses..."  It only takes a moment, and you will do much to keep your computer safe!
  • DO scan floppy disks or CDs--BEFORE opening data files.  You can scan an entire disk, folder or individual files--just right click on the disk drive icon, folder or individual files, and then choose "Scan for Viruses…"
  • DO ask if you can help when you see someone bypassing the above steps.  Ask them if they know how to scan files and/or show them how to do it!  It will be your bit of extra service that day for the children and youth of Bath County.
  • DO perform a computer system scan for viruses every month or so.
  • DO NOT attempt to bypass any of the security measures installed on your school computer!  You may damage your computer, you may place it at risk for virus infection or other problems and you may subject other users to inappropriate material.  Many adjustments to computer settings are a violation of the school board policy on Acceptable Computer System Use.  If you are unsure--ask your building principal or school computer coordinator.
  • DO NOT attempt to install software on your school computer unless you have been given clear permission from your principal or school computer coordinator.  Unauthorized installation of software is a violation of the Acceptable Computer System Use policy.
  • BE AWARE that MUCH of the downloadable software from the internet places other--sometimes secret--software on your computer that will interfere with other computer processes (and yes, this downloaded software installation is likely a violation of our division Acceptable Computer System Use policy).