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Tablet PC Technology Integration Initiative - Description & Participant Requirements

2011-12 School Year

So, who are we looking for to participate in the project?  Teachers who are currently experiencing initial success with classroom integration of technology as evidenced by their project application will be invited to participate in the Tablet PC Technology Integration program for the 11-12 school year.  The division will place wireless convertible computers (they are both a tablet PC and a traditional notebook) and wireless LCD projectors in classrooms where these teachers agree to:

  • Use the new technology to change the way that he/she teaches—every day (or ALMOST every day)
  • Seek opportunities to enrich classroom instruction with technology integration
  • Work with the school instructional technology resource teacher (or other technology integration inservice) for 30 minutes each week (on average)  to identify and plan for technology integration activities
  • Actively participate in special Tablet PC technology integration professional development opportunities provided and financed by the school division

If we are serious about our division and school mission statements—and resulting school improvement plans; and since we affirm to the Virginia Department of Education that we are teaching all the standards of learning (including K-12 technology standards of learning), then we will find ways to regularly use technology in instruction.  Technology integration is sometimes a BETTER way to teach topics across all subject areas. 

More than just another computing resource, the wireless connectivity and touch screens provide another dimension to technology integration.  Teachers who participate in our tablet PC technology integration initiative will have these resources at their disposal full-time to optimize potential for classroom and planning (school and home) use.  The tablet PC will replace the computer often found at teachers' desks, although an older XP desktop (or two) may be placed in the classroom upon request. 

It will take additional learning, planning and preparation for teachers to implement this level of technology integration.  We typically schedule a day of initial instruction during preschool workdays, encourage weekly contact with the school ITRT, and hold five or six large group sessions spread through the school year to help ensure that teachers have the necessary skills to provide 21st Century instruction.  Workshops will be led by division technology staff.  The inservice program will total approximately 45 hours that may be used for license renewal.

The Tablet PC Technology Initiative will not take away from our divisionwide efforts to ensure that all students have 21st Century skills.  Bath County Public Schools has committed adequate resources to help ensure that ALL classroom teachers have the technology they need to enrich their teaching with technology integration.  All classrooms have networked computers running Windows XP or Windows 7, with Internet Explorer and application software necessary for successful technology integration.  Classroom computers are used as learning stations for individuals or small groups, or can be used with available LCD projectors for large group presentations (alternately, teachers may check out a notebook computer and projector for this purpose).  We also have both mobile and stationary computer labs available at each school for classroom teachers to use.  Altogether, we have on average one classroom/lab computer for every two students.  Technology technicians are available to provide basic technical assistance to all staff, and instructional technology resource teachers are available to provide instructional assistance to classroom teachers.

It is our hope that we will have a handful of teachers from each of our schools to participate in the 2011-12 Tablet PC Technology Integration Initiative.  As with all educational resources, our funding for this project is limited.  Please be aware that if more teachers express interest in the project than we have funds on hand to purchase equipment or provide support, then three teachers  from each school will be accepted into the project and the remaining slots will go to teachers from other schools based on the date of their application to the program.

Click Here to view an informational flyer about the Tablet Technology Integration Initiative.