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Announcements: Yeah, OK, the conference program description was pretty lame.


Yeah, OK, the conference program description was pretty lame.


But you should have seen OUR descriptions of what we said about Windows SharePoint Services!  Here's what Paul submitted:
Windows SharePoint Services provides a shell structure from which you can EASILY create broswer-based surveys, custom lists, document & picture libraries, calendars, discussion boards, contact & task lists, and forms management. Anonymous or authenticated access/input is available. Data is stored on Server 2003's internal SQL database.
In four months our small rural school division used SharePoint to build a divisionwide calendar with building/program views, staff development survey, administrative staff planning calendar, personnel office site, student art site, photos site, division form library, school daily bulletin site, maintenance request site, school board agendas/minutes site, and more. Building staff (secretaries) update their own sites--not techies. Customization is easy, free templates are available online, and commercial applications may be purchased. Several sites will be demonstrated and new sites will be created to demonstrate the management features of SharePoint.




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