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Events: ITRT Workshops

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ITRT Workshops



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1/6/2006 9:00 AM

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So, is it going to be Page County or Abingdon???? J Page is closer.

This sounds like just what the doctor ordered… I would REALLY like for the three of you to participate in this training. I’m sure that your very supportive principals who want to help enable you to be successful in your new roles will also want you to go!—Talk with them to find out just how excited they are about your participation.

We’ll send you up/down in a county car; lunch is provided; no charge for the good conversation coming and going.

Please fill out and send the attached form after speaking with your principal. Let me know what your plans are before you submit admin. leave & request a car.




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ITRT Academy Registration Form Cohorts 5-7.doc    
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