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Bath County Public Schools
Volunteer Programs

Thank you for your interest in providing assistance to the children and youth of Bath County by helping as a field trip chaperone or school volunteer!  Many school events would only be possible through the continued contributions of parents and other community members who agree to volunteer their time and energies.  Of course, the safety and welfare of the students of Bath County Public Schools are primary concerns of school staff.  Beyond that, our intent is to provide high quality educational services and opportunities for all students.  School field trips are often used as culminating activities for long-term class studies - they help students cement their understanding of & appreciation for topics, and often provide exceptional motivation.  As you can imagine, moving from the well-established school environment to the openness of the Staunton Frontier Museum or the urban characteristics of the Virginia Capitol area requires additional support to keep students safe and to help ensure their benefit from the special educational opportunity.  Likewise, our school volunteers provide many different supports for our school activities, from general classroom support to mentoring students in specialized areas - all very important contributions.  We need and value our school volunteers!


While our school principals direct the volunteer programs at their schools, the need has been established for a more uniform approach to the review and acceptance of school volunteers, both as a screening measure to help ensure student safety, and as a means for schools to share volunteer information with their building staff and between buildings.  Please complete the application linked below at least four weeks prior to a scheduled activity.  Note that Page 2 of the application below contains specific guidelines for the chaperone/volunteer program.  The school principal will follow up with chaperones/volunteers via email or US Mail.


Approved Chaperone/Volunteer Applications will be valid throughout the school year, although contact information or volunteer preferences may be changed at any time by contacting the school secretary.  Chaperones who may accompany students on a second field trip during the school year will need to update the specific field trip information--contact the school secretary by telephone or email.  Please note that any changes in the safety-related items of the application must be updated immediately--please contact the school principal.   


Thank you for your time and services to the children and youth of Bath County Public Schools!