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August 2011 Inservice Evaluation
Please take a few minutes to reflect on the inservice sessions/meetings that you attended on the 16th, 17th and 19th of August.  The 2011-12 preschool workdays followed a similar format to last year:
  - we maintained the reduced number of preschool workdays at 7
  - we did not have inservice scheduled on the first or last preschool day
  - we received formal input regarding session topics
  - we involved local and regional resources for presenters
  - we tried to ensure that everyone had a good place to go, and to honor requests for specific topics
  - we included multiple formats:  small and large group settings, 11 concurrent sessions, single and double time sessions
  - we included some typical departmental meetings to eliminate them from other workdays
  - we included a broad range of topics that would provide a mix for staff
Your ratings, comments and suggestions will help us develop the kinds of inservice programs that you need in the future.  Please only rate the sessions that you attended; you may review your inservice assignments here.    Thanks, and we wish for you a great 2011-12 school year! 
Survey Name: August 2011 Inservice Evaluation
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Time Created: 8/29/2011 5:10 PM
Number of Responses: 70
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