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BCPS Divisionwide Calendar Posting Information
To all patrons:  If you have a school event that should appear on our calendar system, please send a note to the appropriate building secretary for consideration.  The required components below must be included in your note.  Email our secretaries:  BCHS     MES     VES     SAB
To our staff with calendar posting responsibilities:
The Bath County Public Schools Divisionwide Calendar has become a valuable informational, planning and public relations tool for instructional and administrative staff, parents, students and the community at large.  The calendar program is maintained by the very folks who have the very latest division, school and athletic calendar information; the calendar is the very latest information we have to share with our many patrons.  The calendar is filtered in a number of different "views" that present only the type of information different folks want to see--perhaps just VES or MES events, BCHS events, or even the specific Golf Team schedule.  These calendar views--as well as the static divisionwide calendar approved by the school board--are presented in relevant school/department websites, or may be specifically viewed at  This link is also available at the top of the division calendar page.
Just a few years ago, we had independent, static monthly calendars that were often out of date on the second day of the month; folks often didn't have the latest version of the calendar; even when posted online, the calendars were out-of-date, and only a few folks had the knowledge of how to post web documents.  We've come a long way!
We have a powerful calendaring system, but much of its utility is only attained if the information posted by the various staff members with posting rights.  Please be careful to follow the posting guidelines listed to the right of the sample image below.  If you vary from the guidelines, your patrons may not find what they're looking for, and you may confuse other folks who see your information and wonder what it means.


Sample New Item Image



  • Each school must precede their events with building initials (e.g. BCHS, MES, VES, SAB)
  • Limit the number of words & characters as much as possible, though be sure your message is conveyed
  • Your event becomes part of one or more "views" that are defined different ways.  Your event for a specific view must have relevant information that sets it apart.
    • Building Views require the building initials at the front of the event name.
    • Athletic Views require the building initials AND the "Athletic" activity type.
    • Specific sport Views require that specific sport name in the Event name (e.g. "Girls Soccer"--not just "soccer," or "Baseball" [note that "Boys" Baseball is not needed, since there is not a girls baseball team]).
    • The JV and V distinction is necessary for sorting purposes (e.g. BCHS JV Boys Basketball).
    • A helpful 'code' applied through the years signifies in the Event name whether or not a game is at home (e.g. BCHS V Girls Volleyball vs Covington indicates that it is a home game, and BCHS JV Softball @ James River indicates an away game.
  • If an event is postponed or cancelled, you may make a notation of such AFTER the building initials (e.g. BCHS *cancelled* Staff Inservice).


  • This optional field is useful to help folks know more about your event.  Use it when you can for specific rooms within your building.

   Start Time

  • Date & Time - Minutes may be specified to 5 minute intervals
  • Be careful with AM & PM settings

   End Time

  • Date & Time - Minutes may be specified to 5 minute intervals
  • Be careful with AM & PM settings


  • Add whatever descriptive information that would be useful to your patrons, including directions, or other special instructions.

   All Day Event

  • Use this when an event lasts all day, though when possible, use the more specific time fields because the "all day" events take up more space on the calendar than an event with a specific start/end time.


  • Use this when an event recurs over an extended period of time, though be careful to stop the recurrence if the schedule is interrupted by a school holiday or summer vacation.


  • Do not use this field at this time for the division calendar, though this may be useful for classroom/department calendars.

   Building Activity

  • Please check the applicable building(s).

   Activity Type

  • Please check the applicable activity type(s).

   Event Contact

  • Enter the staff member or community member that is responsible for the event


  • Is the event open to the public?

   Staff Needed

  • Are extra staff needed at this event?