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Welcome! We hope you find our online catalog of policies, regulations and forms helpful. The policy manual is divided into twelve sections outlined below. To view a policy, simply click on one of the sections A-L, and then click on the letter 'Name' of the policy.
If you are unsure of a particular policy number or section, you may wish to check the Topical Index.
You may also want to check on New and Changed Policies approved by the school board in the past year.
If you have questions about school board policies, please contact a school principal, administrator or school board member. For questions about accessing the policies on the internet, please contact Selena Lacks via email or by phone (540-839-2722).
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JBEqual Educational Opportunities/Nondiscrimination12/4/2012
JBASection 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures4/5/2016
JB-FReport of Discrimination (form)10/2/2012
JCSchool Attendance Areas4/1/2014
JCATransfers by Student Victims of Crime4/6/2004
JCBTransfers by Students in Persistently Dangerous Schools4/6/2004
JCJClassroom Assignments for Twins6/2/2015
JEA (Option 2)Compulsory Attendance6/3/2014
JEBEntrance Age/Admission of Persons Not of School Age6/24/2013
JECSchool Admission6/2/2015
JECAAdmission of Homeless Children6/26/2017
JECB (Option 1)Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part-Time Enrollment1/2/2007
JEC-RSchool Admission (Regulation)6/2/2015
JEDStudent Absences/Excuses/Dismissals6/26/2017
JED-RSchool Attendance Regulations8/4/2015
JEGExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance6/23/2011
JEG-RExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance (Regulation)6/3/2014
JFBStudent Involvement in Decision Making5/7/2013
JFCStudent Conduct4/8/2015
JFCATeacher Removal of Students From Class6/3/2013
JFCBSportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity5/7/2013
JFCCStudent Conduct on School Buses4/4/2017
JFCDWeapons in School6/2/2015
JFCEGang Activity or Association6/24/2013
JFCF (Option 1)Drugs in School4/8/2015
JFCH (also GBEC)Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students6/3/2014
JFCISubstance Abuse - Student Assistance Program5/7/2013
JFCJWritten Notification of Violation of School Policies by Students in Alternative Education Programs4/1/2014
JFCLNotification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults6/25/2012
JFC-R (Option 2)Standards of Student Conduct (Regulation)6/26/2017
JFGSearch and Seizure12/2/2014
JFG-R F1Student Drug Testing Consent Form1/6/2004
JFG-RDrug Testing of Student Athletes (Regulation)1/4/2005
JFHA (also GBA)Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation6/2/2015
JFHA-F (also GBA-F)Report of Harassment (Form)10/2/2012
JGACorporal Punishment4/3/2012
JGD (also JGE) (Option 1)Student Suspension/Expulsion4/5/2016
JGD JGE-RStudent Suspension/Expulsion (Regulation)4/5/2016
JGDADisciplining Students with Disabilities6/26/2017
JGDBDiscipline of Students with Disabilities for Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury5/2/2006
JHCStudent Health Services4/4/2017
JHCAPhysical Examinations of Students6/26/2007
JHCBStudent Immunizations5/7/2013
JHCCCommunicable Diseases6/22/2015
JHCCABlood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases4/5/2005
JHCCA-EGuidelines for School Attendance for Students with Human Immunodeficiency Virus4/5/2005
JHCCA-RBlood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases (Regulation)2/2/1988
JHCDAdministering Medicines to Students6/26/2017
JHCD-F1 F2 F3Anaphylaxis Symptoms, Standing Order and Report of Reaction Forms11/6/2012
JHCD-F2BCPS Medication Log6/7/2005
JHCD-R (E)Authorization/Parent Consent for Administering Medication6/7/2005
JHCD-RAdministering Medications to Students (Regulation)6/7/2005
JHCD-R2Guidelines for Managing Students with Food Allergies (Regulation)12/7/2004
JHCD-R3Recognition and Treatment of Anaphylaxis in the School Setting11/6/2012
JHCERecommendation of Medication by School Personnel5/6/2003
JHCFStudent Wellness5/2/2017
JHCF-RStudent Wellness (Regulation)5/2/2017
JHCHSchool Meals and Snacks8/1/2017
JHCL (also GBEF)Lactation Support6/3/2014
JHDAHuman Research4/3/2012
JHG (Also GAE)Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting6/2/2015
JHHSuicide Prevention10/6/2015
JJACStudent-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities6/27/2016
JLFund Raising and Solicitation5/6/2014
JMRestraint and Seclusion of Students10/5/2010
JNStudent Fees, Fines, and Charges5/7/2013
JOStudent Records4/4/2017
JOAStudent Transcripts4/4/2017
JOH (also GEA)Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records6/2/2015
JPStudent Publications6/3/2014
JRCASchool Service Providers' Use of Student Personal Information6/27/2016