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Welcome! We hope you find our online catalog of policies, regulations and forms helpful. The policy manual is divided into twelve sections outlined below. To view a policy, simply click on one of the sections A-L, and then click on the letter 'Name' of the policy.
If you are unsure of a particular policy number or section, you may wish to check the Topical Index.
You may also want to check on New and Changed Policies approved by the school board in the past year.
If you have questions about school board policies, please contact a school principal, administrator or school board member. For questions about accessing the policies on the internet, please contact Selena Lacks via email or by phone (540-839-2722).
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GAPersonnel Policies Goals4/4/2017
GAAStaff Time Schedules6/7/2016
GAB (also IIBEA)Acceptable Computer System Use6/24/2013
GAB-E1 (also IIBEA-E2)Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement6/24/2013
GAB-R (also IIBEA-R)Acceptable Computer System Use (Regulation)6/24/2013
GADAccess to Employee Social Media Accounts6/2/2015
GAE (also JHG)Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting6/2/2015
GAHSchool Employee Conflict of Interests6/26/2017
GBEqual Employment Opportunity/Nondiscrimination6/2/2015
GBA (also JFHA)Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation6/2/2015
GBA-F (also JFHA-F)Report of Harassment2/1/2000
GBBStaff Involvement in Decision Making6/24/2008
GBCStaff Compensation Procedures4/9/2009
GBC-E2Notice Of How Employees Who Work Less Than 12 Months Are To Be Paid2/3/2009
GBD (also BG)Board-Staff Communications5/6/2014
GBEStaff Health10/6/2015
GBEAUnlawful Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensing, Possession or Use of a Controlled Substance6/3/2014
GBEBStaff Weapons in School6/26/2017
GBEC (also JFCH)Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students6/3/2014
GBECAElectronic Cigarettes6/3/2014
GBEF (also JHCL)Lactation Support6/3/2014
GB-FReport of Discrimination2/1/2000
GBGStaff Participation in Political Activities4/3/2012
GBIStaff Gifts and Solicitations5/2/2006
GBLPersonnel Records6/27/2016
GBLAThird-Party Complaints Against Employees4/1/2014
GBL-ERelease of Information11/6/2001
GBL-RPersonnel Records (Regulation)11/6/2001
GBMProfessional Staff Grievances4/4/2017
GBMASupport Staff Grievances6/27/2016
GBNStaff Hiring Procedures4/8/2015
GBOVirginia Retirement System6/25/2012
GBRVoluntary Retirement Savings Program6/2/2015
GCProfessional Staff6/26/2017
GCBProfessional Staff Contracts6/24/2013
GCBAStaff Salary Schedules3/6/2012
GCBBSupplementary Pay6/24/2013
GCBB-RSupplemental Compensation - Primary Job Responsibility (Regulation)8/7/2012
GCBCStaff Fringe Benefits6/6/2012
GCBDStaff Leaves and Absences4/3/2012
GCBD-R1 (also GDBD-R1)Absences and Leaves for Professional & Support Personnel (Regulation)9/6/2016
GCBD-R1-F1 (also GDBD-R1-F1)Request for Reimbursement of Excess Sick Leave (form)9/6/2016
GCBD-R2 (also GDBD-R2)Sick Leave Bank (Regulation)9/6/2016
GCBD-R2-F2 (also GDBD-R2-F2)Sick Leave Bank Application Form9/6/2016
GCBE (Attachments List)Family and Medical Leave Attachments List4/6/2010
GCBEFamily and Medical Leave4/5/2016
GCBEALeave Without Pay4/1/2014
GCBEBMilitary Leave and Benefits4/8/2015
GCBI (also GDBI)Civic Duties6/22/1999
GCCB (Option 1)Employment of Family Members6/26/2017
GCDAEffect of Criminal Conviction or Founded Complaint of Child Abuse or Neglect6/25/2012
GCDA-FRequest for Reciprocity Between School Boards2/5/2002
GCEPart-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment6/3/2014
GCE-RPart-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment (Regulation)8/2/2016
GCGProfessional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract6/27/2016
GCI (Option 2)Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers6/24/2013
GCJ-R (also GDJ-R)Overtime Compensation (Regulation)3/4/2003
GCLProfessional Staff Development9/3/2013
GCLAStaff Development - Tuition Assistance11/4/2003
GCNEvaluation of Professional Staff6/24/2013
GCPAReduction in Professional Staff Work Force9/3/2013
GCPA-RReduction in Professional Staff Work Force (Regulation)4/9/2009
GCPBResignation of Staff Members6/25/2012
GCPB-R (also GDPB-R)Resignation of Personnel (Regulation)6/29/2001
GCPC-REmployee Standards of Conduct (Regulation)6/22/1999
GCPDProfessional Staff Discipline6/26/2017
GCPFSuspension of Staff Members4/4/2017
GCQANonschool Employment by Staff Members4/3/2012
GCQABTutoring for Pay6/25/2012
GCQAB-RTutoring for Pay (Regulation)11/8/2010
GCQB (Option 1)Staff Research and Publishing4/3/2012
GDSupport Staff6/6/2012
GDBSupport Staff Employment Status6/27/2016
GDBI (also GCBI)Civic Duties6/22/1999
GDGSupport Staff Probationary Period6/27/2016
GDISupport Staff Assignments and Transfers6/6/2012
GDJ-R (also GCJ-R)Overtime Compensation (Regulation)3/4/2003
GDNEvaluation of Support Staff6/25/2012
GDPB-R (also CCPB-R)Resignation of Personnel (Regulation)6/29/2001
GDQSchool Bus Drivers6/3/2014
GDQ-RPayment of Training Time for Bus Drivers (Regulation)8/4/2009
GEA (also JOH)Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records6/2/2015