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Welcome! We hope you find our online catalog of policies, regulations and forms helpful. The policy manual is divided into twelve sections outlined below. To view a policy, simply click on one of the sections A-L, and then click on the letter 'Name' of the policy.
If you are unsure of a particular policy number or section, you may wish to check the Topical Index.
You may also want to check on New and Changed Policies approved by the school board in the past year.
If you have questions about school board policies, please contact a school principal, administrator or school board member. For questions about accessing the policies on the internet, please contact Selena Lacks via email or by phone (540-839-2722).
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EASupport Services9/3/2013
EBSchool Crisis, Emergency Management, and Medical Emergency Response Plan6/3/2014
EBABuildings and Grounds Inspection8/4/2009
EBAAReporting of Hazards5/6/2014
EBABPossible Exposure to Viral Infections6/2/2015
EBA-RClassroom Door Windows (Regulation)6/22/1999
EBBThreat Assessment Teams6/27/2016
EBBAEmergency First Aid, CPR ad AED Certified Personnel6/24/2013
EBBBPersonnel Training-Viral Infections6/26/2017
EBCBSafety Drills6/27/2016
EBCDSchool Closings8/4/2009
EBCD-RInclement Weather Closings & Delays (Regulation)2/5/2013
EB-R1School Safety Audits (Regulation)6/22/1999
EB-R2Bomb Threats6/22/1999
ECBuildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance6/3/2014
ECAInventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage5/6/2014
EDCAuthorized Use of School-Owned Materials6/3/2014
EDC-RCounty Vehicle Usage (Regulation)8/7/2012
EEAStudent Transportation Services6/26/2017
EEABSchool Bus Scheduling and Routing5/7/2013
EEACSchool Bus Safety Program6/26/2017
EEADSpecial Use of School Buses8/4/2009
EFFood Service Management5/6/2014
EFBFree and Reduced Price Food Services5/2/2017
EFB-RFree and Reduced Price Food Services (Regulation)5/2/2017
EFDFood Sanitation Program8/4/2009
EGAAReproduction of Copyrighted Materials5/6/2014
EIInsurance Management5/6/2014
ETEducational Technology Foundations and Public School Foundations5/6/2014