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Welcome! We hope you find our online catalog of policies, regulations and forms helpful. The policy manual is divided into twelve sections outlined below. To view a policy, simply click on one of the sections A-L, and then click on the letter 'Name' of the policy.
If you are unsure of a particular policy number or section, you may wish to check the Topical Index.
You may also want to check on New and Changed Policies approved by the school board in the past year.
If you have questions about school board policies, please contact a school principal, administrator or school board member. For questions about accessing the policies on the internet, please contact Selena Lacks via email or by phone (540-839-2722).
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DAManagement of Funds4/1/2014
DA-RManagement of Funds (Regulation)5/1/2001
DBAnnual Budget6/2/2015
DGCustody and Disbursement of School Funds4/8/2015
DGCSchool Activity Funds12/2/2014
DGC-RSchool Activity funds12/2/2014
DGDFunds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies4/1/2014
DIFinancial Accounting and Reporting10/6/2015
DIAReporting Per Pupil Costs6/25/2012
DJSmall Purchasing6/27/2016
DJAPurchasing Authority4/1/2014
DJBPetty Cash Funds4/1/2008
DJCCredit Card Purchases12/3/2002
DJFPurchasing Procedures10/6/2015
DJGVendor Relations6/26/2017
DKPayment Procedures4/1/2014
DLPayroll Procedures4/1/2008
DLBSalary Deductions6/4/1996
DLCExpense Reimbursements6/24/2013
DL-RPayroll Schedules (Regulation)3/26/2002
DL-R2Direct Deposit (Regulation)8/2/2011
DMCash In School Buildings6/1/2010
DM-RBank Deposits (Regulation)1/12/2017
DNDisposal of Surplus Items10/5/2010
DN-RDefinition of Immediate Family (Regulation)10/5/2004
DONon-Locally Funded Programs6/3/2014