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Welcome! We hope you find our online catalog of policies, regulations and forms helpful. The policy manual is divided into twelve sections outlined below. To view a policy, simply click on one of the sections A-L, and then click on the letter 'Name' of the policy.
If you are unsure of a particular policy number or section, you may wish to check the Topical Index.
You may also want to check on New and Changed Policies approved by the school board in the past year.
If you have questions about school board policies, please contact a school principal, administrator or school board member. For questions about accessing the policies on the internet, please contact Selena Lacks via email or by phone (540-839-2722).
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BBSchool Board Legal Status5/7/2013
BBASchool Board Powers and Duties5/6/2014
BBAABoard Member Authority5/7/2013
BBBAQualifications of School Board Members4/3/2012
BBBBStudent Representative to the School Board6/2/2015
BBBC (Option 1)Board Member Oath of Office6/2/2015
BBDBoard Member Removal From Office4/3/2007
BBEUnexpired Term Fulfillment6/26/2017
BBFA (Option 1)Conflict of Interests and Disclosure of Economic Interests6/26/2017
BCASchool Board Organizational Meeting5/7/2013
BCBSchool Board Officers5/7/2013
BCCSchool Board Clerk6/2/2015
BCESchool Board Committees5/7/2013
BCEADisciplinary Committee5/6/2014
BCFAdvisory Committees to the School Board4/5/2011
BCGSchool Attorney6/2/2015
BDARegular School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDBSpecial School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDCClosed Meetings6/26/2017
BDCACalling and Certification of Closed Meetings6/26/2017
BDDElectronic Participation in Meetings From Remote Locations6/26/2017
BDDANotification of School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDDCAgenda Preparation and Dissemination6/26/2017
BDDERules of Order6/2/2015
BDDFVoting Method12/2/2014
BDDH (also KD)Public Participation at School Board Meetings6/27/2016
BFBoard Policy Manual9/3/2013
BFCPolicy Adoption9/3/2013
BFE (also CHD)Administration in Policy Absence6/2/2015
BG (also GBD)Board-Staff Communications5/6/2014
BHBSchool Board Member In-Service Activities6/24/2013
BHDSchool Board Member Compensation and Benefits4/1/2008
BHESchool Board Member Liability Insurance4/1/2008