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Kidwind 2018


Bath County Public Schools entered teams into the KidWind wind turbine design competition for the third year on April 8, 2017. The competition was held at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, our home court. The field of teams was excellent and Bath County held their own against the other teams, bringing home 3 of the 6 available trophies. Each team that represented Bath County came home with an award. We congratulate these students and thank them for all of their hard work. BCPS continues to shine in academic competitions across the state and the country.We congratulate these students and thank them for all their hard work.
Valley Elementary School continued BCPS tradition of taking home trophies from the KidWind competition. They submitted a poster and paper that explained the benefits of wind power and won the Bonus Award by being chosen as the best entry in a vote by all of the people who attended the competition.
Bath County High School fielded two teams this year. One team, Geared Up, took home third place in a highly competitive high school division. The other team took home the Blades Award and the Bonus Award for their innovative design that used a Raspberry Pi mini computer to autonomously change gears on the wind turbine drive train. The students worked hard this year. The team coaches helped the teams integrate the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts they learn in the classroom into great devices.‚Äč






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