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Flu--The 5th Season of the Year


It's Flu Season in Bath County, the Commonwealth of Virginia‚Äč, and throughout the United States.  The animated map above illustrates the marked change in flu statistics by state over the last five weeks.  In mid-November, Virginia reported very little flu activity; five weeks later, flu was widespread across the state--as well as most of the nation.  Student absences due to illness have fluctuated in Bath County schools during this same period, with MES and BCHS currently experiencing more illness with about an 8% absence rate.  VES absences are currently running about 5%.

School attendance is important!  Students who are in school perform better overall than students with attendance problems.  That said, students who are ill should stay home, and should be followed by a medical provider as necessary.  Flu vaccines remain the best preventive measure available, coupled with frequent hand-washing and care to shield yourself and others from close contact with sick individuals.  For more information, check out the website.







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Created at 1/6/2015 2:12 PM by Paul Lancaster
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