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Bus Routes SAB, BCHS, MES, VES8/5/2017 12:01 PMApproved
Virginia Sales Tax Holiday - August 4-6, 2017SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/31/2017 10:58 AMApproved
Activity Bus ScheduleSAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/20/2017 5:37 PMApproved
Celebrate our staff membersSAB, BCHS, MES, VES5/24/2017 4:23 PMApproved
Kidwind 2018SAB, BCHS5/2/2017 9:24 AMApproved
Millboro Elementary STEM Day 2017MES3/20/2017 8:27 AMApproved
Bath County Band Students perform with other top high school musiciansBCHS2/8/2017 9:33 AMApproved
FCCLA Students Participate in Christmas MotherBCHS2/8/2017 9:14 AMApproved
BCHS Marching Band hosts VT and JMU Marching BandsBCHS11/19/2016 8:57 AMApproved
Millboro Elementary Students Visit Washington & Lee UniversitySAB, MES11/3/2016 3:00 PMApproved
Fall Sports have started!SAB, BCHS11/3/2016 2:51 PMApproved
Activity Bus Schedule - 2016-17SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/21/2016 5:41 PMApproved
Sales Tax Holiday/Tax-Free Weekend - August 5-7, 2016SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/21/2016 8:13 AMApproved
Welcome, VES Principal Steve Sizemore!VES7/13/2016 9:46 AMApproved
Staff Recognized For Years of Service to BCPSSAB, BCHS, MES, VES6/14/2016 10:53 PMApproved
VSBA Art Contest ParticipantsSAB, BCHS, MES, VES5/3/2016 6:45 PMApproved
MCTC Featured at School Board and Supervisors Work SessionBCHS4/1/2016 5:38 PMApproved
Statewide Tornado Drill - March 22ndSAB, BCHS, MES, VES3/22/2016 10:23 AMApproved
TWO Wind Turbine Teams Win Big in VA Beach!BCHS3/13/2016 10:31 PMApproved
Next "Coffee With Counselors" is March 10BCHS2/22/2016 9:11 AMApproved
BCPS Spelling Bee!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/10/2016 10:43 PMApproved
"...98, 99, 100! 100 Days of School! Ah, Ah, Ah" --The Count at VESVES2/5/2016 9:13 AMApproved
"We're as proud as we can be of our Mr. C!"SAB, MES2/3/2016 8:51 PMApproved
Congratulations, All-Area Band Participants!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/2/2016 8:55 PMApproved
WVPEC Job Fair Attended by BCPSSAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/1/2016 10:38 AMApproved
All-Area Band Hosted by BCHSBCHS, MES, VES1/30/2016 11:35 PMApproved
​​R O B O T I C S !BCHS1/20/2016 11:24 PMApproved
WDBJ 7 News Features MES SuccessMES1/15/2016 12:20 PMApproved
Do You Know a Super Teacher?SAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/13/2016 10:08 AMApproved
BCPS Facebook Page - Another Community Communication ToolSAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/12/2016 11:57 PMApproved
It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Winter!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/5/2016 5:55 PMApproved
BCHS Homecoming!BCHS10/7/2015 10:57 PMApproved
Keep Safe! Heavy Rain and Potential Flooding In Area: Homecoming Football Game Moved to Thursday Evening SAB, BCHS, MES, VES9/30/2015 10:34 PMApproved
Free-Reduced Meal Applications for 2015-2016SAB, BCHS, MES, VES9/18/2015 9:46 AMApproved Rates Millboro Elementary's SOL Scores #1 in VirginiaMES9/9/2015 10:45 PMApproved
Updated Link to PowerSchool Parent PortalBCHS, MES, VES8/31/2015 8:36 AMApproved
New Instructional Staff Are Here!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES8/10/2015 12:14 PMApproved
Congratulations, Graduates!SAB, BCHS8/10/2015 12:09 PMApproved
PACK THE BUS - Thursday, August 6, 2015SAB, BCHS, MES, VES8/5/2015 2:07 PMApproved
New Valley PrincipalSAB, VES8/5/2015 7:08 AMApproved
New, Combined Sales Tax Holiday Is August 7-9SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/30/2015 5:44 PMApproved
BCPS Staff Recognized for Years of Service and RetirementSAB, BCHS, MES, VES6/5/2015 2:55 PMApproved
It's A Big Week For Bath County Public Schools!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES6/1/2015 9:05 PMApproved
MES Receives 2015 Virginia Board of Education Distinguished Achievement AwardMES6/1/2015 8:46 PMApproved
Bath Educators of the Year Recognized at Chamber DinnerSAB, BCHS, MES, VES5/19/2015 9:27 AMApproved
The "Chargers" Win Judges Award for Best Design at US Eastern Regional Finals Wind Turbine Competition! BCHS4/30/2015 10:51 PMApproved
Future BCHS Chargers Participate in Baseball ClinicBCHS, MES, VES4/20/2015 10:12 AMApproved
BCPS Photos on Virginia School Board Association HomepageSAB, BCHS4/8/2015 12:07 PMApproved
Charger Band Performs at the Statue of Liberty!BCHS4/3/2015 9:39 PMApproved
Valley Elementary Student receives First Place at 2015 VSBA Valley Region Elementary Art ContestVES4/2/2015 2:48 PMApproved
Bath CTE Students Generate Energy, Attention and Awards at Statewide CompetitionBCHS3/31/2015 11:00 AMApproved
Beta Club Performs Well at State CompetitionBCHS3/31/2015 10:52 AMApproved
Thanksgiving Holiday 2015: Three or Five Days?SAB, BCHS, MES, VES3/10/2015 2:26 PMApproved
March is Youth Art Month. Please stop by Bath County Public Library to see the wonderful art!BCHS, MES, VES3/1/2015 10:33 PMApproved
​2015 Spelling Bee!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/26/2015 3:19 PMApproved
​Students Perform in All-Area BandSAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/2/2015 11:21 AMApproved
BCPS Represented at WVPEC Job FairSAB, BCHS, MES, VES2/2/2015 10:49 AMApproved
Do You Know a Super Teacher? SAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/26/2015 8:50 AMApproved
Flu--The 5th Season of the YearSAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/6/2015 2:12 PMApproved
Talent Search's Financial Aid PresentationSAB, BCHS1/6/2015 9:12 AMApproved
Winter Weather is Here!SAB, BCHS, MES, VES12/2/2014 5:20 PMApproved
Friday Night At Carl F. Williams Field! BCHS10/15/2014 2:47 PMApproved
The Preamble to the Constitution...SAB, VES10/15/2014 2:46 PMApproved
"Find-A-College" - State Council of Higher Education for Virginia - Research Tool SAB, BCHS, MES, VES10/1/2014 3:15 PMApproved
SchoolMessenger Delivers Important School InformationSAB, BCHS, MES, VES10/1/2014 10:16 AMApproved
MES Phone Service InterruptionSAB, MES8/29/2014 2:03 PMApproved
Parents: 2014-2015 Free-Reduced Price Meals Policy SAB, BCHS, MES, VES8/19/2014 5:32 PMApproved
Sales Tax HolidaySAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/28/2014 5:23 PMApproved
Activity Bus ScheduleSAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/22/2014 1:20 PMApproved
BCHS Class of 2014BCHS6/23/2014 1:16 PMApproved
Springtime Parties--Help Keep Our Youth Drug and Alcohol FreeSAB, BCHS5/7/2014 5:29 PMApproved
VSRA Annual Conference Has BCPS Presence!SAB, MES, VES3/23/2014 10:59 PMApproved
Jackson River Governor's School Science Fair Winner!SAB, BCHS2/28/2014 9:56 AMApproved
School Board Provides Luncheon for SAB Employees!SAB2/27/2014 11:57 PMApproved
​Can You Spell Success?SAB, MES, VES2/27/2014 9:13 AMApproved
BCPS Participates in Annual Job FairSAB2/4/2014 5:47 PMApproved
January 5-11: Virginia School Principals WeekSAB, BCHS, MES, VES1/7/2014 1:55 PMApproved
School Board Adopts 2014-15 Division CalendarSAB, BCHS, MES, VES12/3/2013 8:13 PMApproved
Thank You, BCHS Seniors!BCHS11/13/2013 10:44 PMApproved
MES and VES Academic Banquets Celebrate Student Success on SOL TestsMES, VES10/24/2013 4:02 PMApproved
BCHS Homecoming 2013BCHS10/5/2013 11:58 PMApproved
MES Academic Banquet Celebrates Students' SuccessSAB, MES10/3/2013 11:23 PMApproved
Flu Vaccines SAB, BCHS, MES, VES10/2/2013 2:27 PMApproved
Yo! You're The Winner in The Rounding Game!SAB, VES10/1/2013 12:16 PMApproved
Hay Fever Catching On in BathSAB9/17/2013 10:27 AMApproved
It's Friday Night At Carl F. Williams Field!BCHS9/14/2013 12:02 AMApproved
September 11 RemembranceSAB, BCHS, MES, VES9/11/2013 11:44 AMApproved
2013-2014 Bus RoutesSAB, BCHS, MES, VES8/12/2013 4:35 PMApproved
BCHS Generator: Ready When NeededSAB, BCHS8/9/2013 12:52 AMApproved
Virginia Back-to-School Tax Holiday August 2-4SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/28/2013 9:22 PMApproved
Welcome - VES Principal Crystal Coffman!SAB, VES7/18/2013 10:31 PMApproved
Activity Bus Schedule SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/18/2013 2:54 PMApproved
August Sales Tax Holiday: School Supplies & ClothingSAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/18/2013 2:47 PMApproved
PACK THE BUS - AUGUST 1SAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/18/2013 9:20 AMApproved
Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Educators of the YearSAB, BCHS, MES, VES7/1/2013 11:33 AMApproved
School Board Student Representative Receives Thanks for Service and AchievementSAB, BCHS6/6/2013 11:27 AMApproved
School Board Congratulates BCHS ScholarsSAB, BCHS6/6/2013 10:31 AMApproved
Staff Recognized for Years of Service & RetirementSAB, BCHS, MES, VES6/6/2013 9:28 AMApproved
Uncovering the History of Bath County’s Segregated Schools: The story of two Rosenwald Schools for the black communitySAB, BCHS, MES, VES5/6/2013 10:11 PMApproved
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